Who is my Valentine?

Written by: Akanksha Khilare
Edited by: Tania Singh

Many have been troubled with this immortal question. Who is my Valentine? Will I find love? When will the perfect partner come into my life? Am I destined to be single for life?  In fact, I have seen numerous Facebook quizzes attempting to find our next Valentine for us.
Right now, the lucky ones have the right to choose which chair they want for this valentine. You’ll know what I am talking about if you’ve seen Dear Zindagi. Some of us may already have their our one special chair while some of us may still be in search of our comfort/special chair.
On this day, I can’t help but wonder why Valentine’s day is commonly depicted to be a bond of love between a man and woman. This question may raise offence to those who believe that same-sex relations are nothing but a disease however that will not prevent me from questioning this outdated and misinformed belief.
We celebrate valentine’s day in the memory of Saint Valentine (who performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry) and Valen means healthy, rigorous and strong. Please take out some time to read about this day while you are paying exorbitant amounts of money for a present for your special someone at your corner gift store.
I personally know some people who are against this day but I can not emphasize the importance of needing this day. Unfortunately – in the midst of all this war and terror – humans need to be reminded of love.
Let us also celebrate this day by doing something beyond buying gift cards or having expensive food at a romantic dinner for two. This Valentine’s day let us liberate our minds and start loving fellow humans beyond our race, caste, religion, color or even gender.
This Valentine’s day let us celebrate and accept the love between two men and two women and the entire rainbow community out there. Who are we to deny anyone the right to love?
This Valentine’s day let our love cross the boundary of countries. Our birthplace decides our Nationality but don’t let this nationality spoil the Humanity.
This Valentine’s day, remind yourself of this Valen (strong, rigorous and healthy) love and spread this love in your heart for yourself, for your parents, for your friends, for animals, for your environment.
Have Valen love for people of other castes, religions, nationalities, colors and genders.
We all need to have Valen love!! # Valenlove