A Rape That Shook The Nation

Written by: Nasreen Talukdar

Editor: Tania Singh

The infamous Nirbhaya gang rape questioned the very core of our nation. Nirbhaya, as the nation named her, was brutally raped on 16th December 2012 in the capital of the nation. Had it been just a rape, our patriarchal apathy would have simply increased the rape count of India by one – if it had even been reported in the first place.

However as the details of her assault emerged, we could no longer call it ‘another rape.’ The animals brutally gang raped her, sodomised her, inserted a metal rod and hand through her vagina into her uterus, ripping apart her intestines.

However, the entire nation took to the streets screaming for justice. They faced police brutality, quietly accepted the blocked streets, refused to stay quiet about rape and demanded justice to be served. Fear, anger and anxiety rooted itself into every woman’s heart. The entire nation prayed for Nirbhaya and justice. Nirbhaya was revealed to be Jyoti by her family – for what had happened to her beautiful soul should be remembered for eternity.

The name set in and along with it the idea that ‘Nirbhaya’ was an actual person with a mother, father, brothers and dreams of building a career accounted for us to realise that we could not allow her murderers to roam free.

The convicts were put on death sentence and had the audacity to appeal it.

After almost 5 years of the incident, the Supreme Court has finally pronounced their judgement in the case, upholding the death sentence of all four convicts. The Supreme Court upheld Delhi High Court’s death sentence verdict on the four Nirbhaya rape case convicts and rejected the mercy plea of the rapists, namely Mukesh(29), Pawan(22), Vinay Sharma(23) and Akshay(31). Of the six accused, Ram Singh hung himself in prison, while another, who was a juvenile at the time of the crime, was convicted in August last year and will serve the maximum sentence of three years in a reform home.

The verdict of the Supreme Court confirmed death sentence for the four convicts and this verdict welcomed spontaneous appreciation from the entire nation. This judgement definitely is a ray of hope for each one of us.

Hundreds of women have been raped in the past and violence against women is prevalent in our nation. The judgement pronounced by the Supreme Court definitely sets an example and promises each citizen and each woman of this country a safer future. A man must now know that he cannot escape after committing such a heinous crime. Hoping we continue to witness justice and such positive changes.

We’ve been waiting for justice for Jyoti. Justice for Jyoti has seen light at last.

While we wish that the juvenile animal did not roam the streets, we hope that the law understands that such brutal crimes can not be allowed unpunished because of something as inconsequential as age. Age is supposed to protect innocence, and no person who did what this juvenile did can be deemed to be innocent.