Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make Love Not Scars is based out of India and because of that our expertise in terms of medical and the legal system extend to only our law of the land. However, we are happy to assist international patients who wish to come to India for treatment.


  • Unfortunately MLNS holds a very strict policy in regards to not giving survivors funds in hand. We do this to ensure maximum transparency as well as to be able to keep track on how funds are being utilized. We are not the government hence we do not provide ‘compensation’, we fund specific needs only.


  • Because MLNS takes pride in its transparency, a funder is always welcome to ask for records. In fact, we not only encourage donating but also being a responsible donor.

  • Yes. We accept the international donation on all of our running/ active campaigns. We have a campaign for our rehabilitation centre that runs all year long. If you do not spot any other active campaign you are most welcome to donate to the centre. These funds are used for the general welfare of all survivors as well as the maintenance of our centre where survivors come in two times a week to obtain vocational and skill training. The funds are used to pay for rent, utility, classes, survivors transportation etc.

  • In the event that a campaign raises more funds than the goal amount, the funds are kept for future surgeries for the same survivor. In the case that the survivor does not need any further surgeries, an update is put out and the remaining funds are allotted to another survivor in need provided all the funders agree.

  • If excess funds remain in a specific campaign they are not given in hand to the survivor because of our policy. They are raised with the intention of being used for medical purposes and will only be used for those purposes. If the funder is not happy with this, we are happy to refund their donation as we believe that giving a survivor funds in hands makes them vulnerable to the people around them. Where there is money, greed soon follows and in country where majority of the citizens live under the poverty line giving someone a large sum of money only invited trouble.

  • Our employees receive a monthly stipend that comes from our corporate funders. Our members and founder however do not take a stipend or salary and work for free.

  • Our emails are replied to on a priority basses because we have a very small team that is in charge of replying to a large number of emails. If you have written in to us with a general query please be patient with us as our response time is anywhere between 2 to 6 working days.

  • Our application process is fairly simple. You may write in to us with your cv or resume and someone from our team will get back to you shortly. We offer internships with a 2 month contract and volunteer opportunities with a minimum 1 month period. We do not offer any paid internship or volunteering opportunities but do provide a reference letter once the contract is up.

  • Yes! If you do not live in India you cans till volunteer by being a part of our social media team. You could get involved with content writing as well as helping us manage our presence online.

  • Yes! We often have individuals fundraising for us from all over the world through their own immediate communities. You are most welcome to host a fundraiser in your own country but do remember to inform us! We will have to approve the event so that we can ensure that our name is not being misused to raise funds. You can then simply donate the funds raised to any one of our online campaigns.

  • Yes! We have had volunteers in the past from Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom. We provide accommodation for international volunteers at our rehabilitation centre in Delhi. You will however need to write in and check for availability before booking your tickets. We do not provide a stipend for this position.

  • Yes! We believe that collaboration make the world go around! We have often teamed up with various organizations and individuals in the past to spread awareness on our cause.

  • MLNS is predominantly crowdfunded however does receive corporate funding for it’s rehabilitation centre in New Delhi.

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