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Make Love Not Scars has till date rehabilitated 70+ survivors at our rehabilitation centre in New Delhi. We now wish to open a similar rehabilitation centre in Mumbai!

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About Us

At Make Love Not Scars, our mission is to provide dignity and independence to acid attack survivors from all walks of life by focusing on their complete medical, legal, education, vocational and psychological rehabilitation. We encourage dreaming big, fighting stereotypes and coming together as a community to ignite the hope for a promising future. Make Love Not Scars offers a safe haven for survivors as a place they can come to for love, guidance, friendships and freedom.

5 Stages of rehabilitation


By raising funds for surgeries, post operative care and medicines


By connecting survivors with India’s leading pro- bono lawyers


We fund education, vocational and skill training classes


We help survivors gain an income by connecting them with social entrepreneurs


We connect survivors with therapists, psychiatrists, meditation and Yoga classes

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